Dealing With Dust Mites

WHY DO THIS? There can be as many as 100,000 dust mites on 1 square yard of carpet. Yikes! Environmental allergens, including dust mites, are the most common trigger of allergies. Keep your family safe from allergy symptoms, including asthma and eczema, by minimizing dust mites in your home. HOW TO: Need a hand? If you’re interested in hiring a professional house cleaner to handle dust mites, check Angie’s List to find a service provider in your area. Dust mites live and multiply easily in warm, humid places. They prefer temperatures above 70 degrees F with high humidity. If you live in a … Continue reading Dealing With Dust Mites

Duct Systems: Why they’re important to maintain

What are duct systems? Also referred to as ductwork, duct systems are used to control and distribute airflow to different areas of your home. Duct systems are usually made out of insulated metal pipes or flexible tubes and are essential to living in a comfortable and cost-effective home. How does a duct system work? Air distribution systems, or duct systems, are in floors, ceilings and/or walls depending on the design of your home. Return ducts carry the air from your living space to the furnace or air conditioner to be filtered, heated, cooled, and dehumidified and then supply ducts deliver … Continue reading Duct Systems: Why they’re important to maintain

The Hidden Pollution in Your Home

Studies have repeatedly shown that the air in our house can be worse than the polluted air outside. Because people can spend up to 90% of their time indoors, this presents a serious health risk. Following are some common pollutants that promote poor air quality in the home. 1. Dander. One common pollutant is animal and human dander. Yes, animal and human. It’s not just our four legged friends that contribute to indoor pollutants. Our own dander – miniscule hair follicles and dead skin, etc. – also contributes to the pollutants in our homes. 2. Mites and Cockroaches. An even … Continue reading The Hidden Pollution in Your Home


What is “indoor air quality”?Indoor air quality (also called “indoor environmental quality”) describes how inside air can affect a person’s health, comfort, and ability to work.  It can include temperature, humidity, lack of outside air (poor ventilation), mold from water damage, or exposure to other chemicals.  Currently, OSHA has no indoor air quality (IAQ) standards but it does provide guidelines about the most common IAQ workplace complaints. What is considered good IAQ?The qualities of good IAQ should include comfortable temperature and humidity, adequate supply of fresh outdoor air, and control of pollutants from inside and outside of the building. What … Continue reading IAQ FAQs

11 Interesting Thanksgiving Facts!

In honor of Thanksgiving, here are 11 strange, weird, interesting and obscure facts about some of the most popular Thanksgiving traditions. 1. The Pilgrims may not have eaten turkey… but they definitely ate a ton of shrimp and deer. At the first Thanksgiving — 1621 in Plymouth — there’s no hard evidence that anyone ate any turkey. In the best account of the first Thanksgiving (a book called “Mourt’s Relations: A Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth” by a colonist named Edward Winslow), there’s no mention at all of turkey. Edward Winslow (not to be confused with Eddie Winslow, the oft-immature brother … Continue reading 11 Interesting Thanksgiving Facts!

Happy Halloween from Air Doctors, Inc!

Happy Halloween everyone! Normally we wouldn’t stray from the every exciting topic of HVAC but we wanted to share some safety tips for families on Halloween plus share with you some our favorite Halloween jokes. (some so bad they are actually good) Safety Tips: Trash the unwrapped candy stash Parents should tell their children not to eat their treats until the end of the evening when their candy can be properly inspected. Any treats that aren’t wrapped or have torn, damaged packages should be thrown out. For children under the age of five, check for any hard or large chewy … Continue reading Happy Halloween from Air Doctors, Inc!

How healthy is your indoor air?

The EPA lists poor indoor air quality as the fourth largest environmental threat to our country. It’s a scary thought that the air you are breathing inside your home can be so dirty.  Most of our time is spent indoors whether it’s at home, work or out shopping.  When a home has dirty air, those who have allergies and asthma suffer daily.  A typical six room home can accumulate 40 pounds or more of dust every year just from living in it and doing normal day to day activities.  There are a few things you can do to help keep your … Continue reading How healthy is your indoor air?

Good air quality important for a healthy, comfy home

Most of us know our heating and cooling systems should be inspected annually. This is best done before the fall or winter rush. But making sure the furnace is up to snuff is not all we should do. Getting your air ducts cleaned is also crucial in ensuring ideal air quality. If you haven’t had your home’s furnace ducts cleaned by a certified professional in the past five years or so, or if you have pets or a dusty or unpleasant odour when your furnace comes on, consider getting your ducts professionally cleaned. The most effective way to clean air … Continue reading Good air quality important for a healthy, comfy home

What is this air duct cleaning business?

…And why do I need it? Well, my friend, that is an excellent question.  Do you or anyone in your family suffer from allergies inside the home? Do you like clean air?  Well then, a comprehensive air duct cleaning is just the solution for you!  If you are like most people, you spend between 60 to 90 percent of your time indoors, whether it is at home, work, or at a shopping mall. Bacteria, fungi, dust, and pet hair can build up in your air ducts over time, which not only restricts air flow but also blows all of that … Continue reading What is this air duct cleaning business?