Springtime Indoor Air Tips!

It’s spring cleaning time! I know, I know…not the most exciting thing about spring. BUT, it can do wonders for creating that homey feeling and can improve your indoor air quality. But, you want to be careful. There are actually a couple of things you can do while spring cleaning that can lower indoor air quality.

So, what do we recommend you do? Well, we’ll tell you…

Use Natural Cleaners
We spritz, spray and wipe all sorts of chemical cleaners while spring cleaning. And, all of those chemicals can have a negative effect on the quality of your indoor air. So, explore natural alternatives for those harsh chemicals. For example, did you know that baking soda can be used to remove odors and stains from your upholstered furniture? Just sprinkle a little on and vacuum it up.

Use Natural Air Fresheners
Air fresheners may smell nice, but there is nothing natural about them. Ever stick a candle too close to a light colored wall? You can actually see dark patches from soot climbing up your walls! Imagine the stuff you don’t see that could be entering your lungs? Luckily, you can make your own candles at home by adding safe, essential oils to natural waxes.

Vacuum and Dust Those Hard-to-Reach Places
Don’t just focus on what you can see immediately when you walk in a room. Make sure you are moving things around while dusting and vacuuming so you get to those places that may not be easily accessible on a regular basis. It can be good to wear a mask while doing this so you don’t inhale too much dust and debris.

Airing Our Your Home
On those warm spring days, it can be more than tempting to throw open the windows and air out your home. And, while it can be good to air our your home briefly, you shouldn’t go overboard with the open windows. Yes, an open window can alleviate some of the stuffiness you feel during the winter, but it can also let in pesky allergens and dirt. If you do open the windows, make sure you keep it brief and that your window screens are in good condition.

Don’t Neglect the Outdoors
For your heating and air conditioning equipment, it is a good idea to remove any dirt and debris from your condenser. When stuff builds up on your air conditioner or heat pump, it can reduce airflow. When airflow is reduced, it can lead to a system that has to work harder (translation: consume more energy) to cool your home. So, make sure you aim grass clippings away from your condenser and consider hiring a contractor to come out and clean your system for you.

What do you do during the spring to make sure that your home sparkles for summer?


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