Is your air duct cleaning company doing these 7 things?

The EPA recommends cleaning air ducts whenever there is a rodent/insect infestation, mold growth, or if the ducts are clogged with dust and debris.

iStock 000019880307Small photo (indoor air quality 2 commercial hvac maintenance and efficiency hepa vacuums facility management )Airborne particles can be released from dirty ducts and contaminate a HVAC system, or if moisture gets into the system mold can grow, and mold spores may be released into the air. In those situations, it’s crucial to have your facility’s ducts cleaned.

Dirty ducts can become a breeding ground for mold spores, bacteria and other particles, which can lead to poor indoor air quality.

If your facility is faced with a dirty duct problem, and you have to hire an air duct cleaning service, what should you expect from the company? The EPA offers a list of expectations, so you’ll know how to verify that your provider offers a quality service.

The duct cleaning service provider should:

  1. Open all ports and doors to ensure the entire system is thoroughly cleaned and inspected.
  2. Be sure to inspect the system before cleaning to look for asbestos-containing materials (insulation, etc.). Such materials should not be disturbed and should only be removed by contractors who are specially trained in asbestos removal.
  3. Use a vacuum that will exhaust particles outside of the building, or use a HEPA vacuum to contain particles.
  4. Protect furnishings and carpeting throughout the cleaning procedure.
  5. Brush duct surfaces as well as use contact vacuum cleaning to remove all dust and particles.
  6. Protect the ductwork by sealing and re-insulating access holes and use soft-bristled brushes to clean fiberglass duct board or metal ducts lined with fiberglass.
  7. Use the NADCA‘s air duct cleaning standards and NAIMA‘s practices for ducts containing fiberglass.

Facility managers may also choose to use their own crews to handle air duct cleaning. Fortunately, Air Doctors, Inc offers a full line of duct cleaning equipment to clean ducts easily and quickly.

To ensure it is done properly, go with the experts!

To learn more about how to keep your home’s air clean, or to learn more about duct cleaning, call us today at 888-DUCTSOK! You can also visit us on Facebook & Twitter!


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