Dealing With Dust Mites

House_Dust_MiteWHY DO THIS?

There can be as many as 100,000 dust mites on 1 square yard of carpet. Yikes! Environmental allergens, including dust mites, are the most common trigger of allergies. Keep your family safe from allergy symptoms, including asthma and eczema, by minimizing dust mites in your home.


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  1. Dust mites live and multiply easily in warm, humid places. They prefer temperatures above 70 degrees F with high humidity. If you live in a humid environment, lower your humidity to below 55 percent. You may need to purchase a dehumidifier.


    2. Use high-efficiency filter bags in your vacuum cleaner, and vacuum frequently, especially in rooms where you lounge (like your living room).

    3. If you’re furniture shopping, opt for leather-covered furniture, which isn’t conducive to mites like cloth upholstery.

    4. Regularly change your furnace filter to ensure your family is breathing clean air.

    5. If you can help it, don’t put rugs or carpets in high-humidity areas such as kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms.

    6. Regularly clean your carpets and rugs, which can harbor dust mites.

    7. Once a week, wash your bedding in hot water (over 130 degrees F). A typical mattress can harbor between 100,000 to ten million dust mites, a common cause of allergies.

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