YOU can prevent mold in your home!

April showers bring May flowers… and mold growth! Mold growth has become a hot topic as more and more homeowners, schools and commercial buildings are experiencing issues with mold and its health-related consequences. Before spring’s rain hits, take preventative measures to protect your home, family, employees or students and prevent mold.


A Bit About Mold
Mold needs three things to thrive: A temperature above 40 degrees, a food source (any biodegradable, organic material, such as a buildup of dust) and moisture, which will certainly be in abundance now that spring is here. It doesn’t matter where the mold is growing–inside or outside your home or building–you and your loved ones will still be exposed to the side affects of mold no matter where it’s growing.

Proper Insulation
Insulation regulates a home’s temperature and humidity, making it one of the most powerful tools for preventing mold growth. Having your insulation installed by a trusted professional is key, as improperly installed insulation can be ineffective for preventing moisture build-up and irregular temperatures.

Leak-Proof Roofing
An easy way to get moisture in your attic is through a leaking roof that was either damage during winter storms or installed improperly. Even the slightest wear or tear on shingles can allow water to sneak into your house. Make sure you have your roof installed and repaired by reputable contractors who guarantee quality work.

Clean Gutters
Build-up in your gutters, whether from ice or debris, is especially dangerous in the spring as we generally get more rainfall and the snow melts. If your gutters are clogged, water will spill off onto the sides of your house. This can lead mold growth on your home’s siding or to muddy or slippery walkways.

Durable Siding
Siding is another essential component for keeping moisture out of your home. Most types of siding materials are designed to propel water, but if installed incorrectly, siding (no matter how durable) can allow moisture to sneak into your walls and sprout mold growth. When installing siding, it is crucial you choose an experienced professional who fully understands how siding installation can prevent moisture problems.

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