How Hurricane Sandy affected your Indoor Air Quality

Winter conditions have seemed to stop some of the ill effects of Hurricane Sandy, as renovations halt and colder weather inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. But spring will likely bring a regrowth of problems attributable to Hurricane Sandy, as warmer weather arrives and renovations resume.

Unfortunately, mold growth will again be a problem this spring in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. The roofs and siding in homes that suffered damage from strong winds may leak. Most likely, homeowners won’t discover the leaks until the spring rains arrive, although it’s likely that problems already exists. That’s because moisture damage and mold growth is probably already growing, undetected, in areas such as attics or inside wall cavities.

Mold growth can cause allergies and trigger asthma attacks in susceptible individuals. One type of mold known as apergillus can cause an infection called aspergillosis. CNN reports that some strains of aspergillus can cause serious illnesses when the spores are “inhaled by people with a weakened immune system, underlying lung disease or asthma.” Milder cases may result in allergic reactions, while more serious cases include lung infections.

Asbestos and lead exposure will be the other top IAQ concerns as renovations begin on home and businesses damaged by the hurricane. The EPA advises that “many homes, particularly older homes, may contain asbestos, a known carcinogen.”

The EPA recommends that homeowners cease any renovations if they believe their buildings might contain asbestos or lead and contact state or local public health authorities for assistance.

Also remember to make sure your home and business ducts are clean so that you and the people you care about are breathing in the cleanest air possible. That is where Air Doctors, Inc can help. Call us today at 1-888-ductsok (382-8765) and let’s help you keep the air in your home/business clean!


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