How do you know it’s time to get your Ducts cleaned?!

What would tell me it’s time have my ducts cleaned?

The most pressing signs of the need for duct cleaning would be any

– Perception that the heating or air conditioning is not working well (especially in one part of the house), or

– The presence of mold (musty smell) or vermin.

But aside from these more distressing indicators, you may consider duct cleaning in response to any of these factors: pets, smoking (even from the former residents), new construction, renovation, nearby development, proximity to busy roadways or farms, new carpet, recent extermination or extreme pollen in the area.

– Sore eyes while indoors, headaches, flu-like symptoms and fatigue may be indicators of ducts in need of cleaning.

– Furballs, dust bunnies or excessive dust on furniture may tell you duct cleaning is in order. Dust on your furniture is a good indicator that there is dust in your ducts.

– Discolored or just plain dirty registers are a telltale of the need for duct cleaning.

– Homeowners who are putting their house on the market often decide on duct cleaning to demonstrate livability to potential buyers. Similarly, many builders call for duct cleaning immediately after a new home is complete.

– New additions to the family, or seniors in the home or those with respiratory problems might prompt homeowners to think about duct cleaning.

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